About me

I’m Annmarie Hanlon a senior lecturer and practitioner in digital marketing. I teach digital marketing and social media at the University of Derby and work in practice with a range of companies including charities, public sector and private sector organisations.

At the University of Derby I have experience of curriculum development and design, as well as accreditation and innovation.

  • Validation: Successful validation of BSc (Hons) Marketing (Digital)
  • Module leadership: Developing two new digital modules
  • Accreditation: Mapping all marketing degrees to the Chartered Institute of Marketing Accreditation.
  • Collegiality: Running staff workshops on ‘Twitter for academics’
  • Innovation: Creating the Twitter Essentials Digital Badge, introducing Calendly to the university’s business school
  • External connections: Ulster University external examiner on Managing the Customer Contact
  • Programme Leadership: BSc (Hons) Marketing (Digital)


Academic textbooks

Hanlon, A.  (2018) Digital Marketing:  Strategic Planning & Integration. London, SAGE Publications.

Hanlon, A.  (2018) ‘Social Media Marketing’ in Marketing Graffiti. Editors: Saren, M. Routledge, Oxford, pp311-324. 978-1-138-01333-9.

Hanlon, A.  (2016) ‘Market Sensing via Social Media’ in ‘Alternative Market Research Methods: Market Sensing‘. Editors: Longbottom, D and Lawson, A. Routledge, Oxford, pp149-191. 978-1-138-84372-1.

Video content

Hanlon, A. (2016), “Digital strategy“, in The Business & Management Collection, Henry Stewart Talks Ltd, London (online at https://hstalks.com/bm/3343/)

Non-academic practitioner handbooks and guides

Hanlon, A. and Chaffey, D. (2016). Digital Marketing Models Guide; Frameworks and tools for digital audits, planning and strategy, Smart Insights [Online] Available from http://www.smartinsights.com/guides/digital-marketing-models/

Hanlon, A. (2014) Quick Win Social Media Marketing. Oak Tree Press, Cork, Ireland

Hanlon, A. and Chaffey, D. (2013) Essential Marketing Models Classic Planning Tools to inform strategy, Smart Insights. Available at: http://www.smartinsights.com/guides/essential-marketing-models/

Hanlon, A. and Akins, J. (2009) Quick Win Digital Marketing. Oak Tree Press, Cork, Ireland

Hanlon, A. (2009) Quick Win Marketing. Oak Tree Press, Cork, Ireland


  • PhD: University of Derby (2013 – graduation anticipated 2018)
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy (2015)
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional eMarketing Award (2003)
  • Masters in Business Administration: University of Leicester (1997)
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma (1991)
  • BA (French and Linguistics) University of London (1987)
  • Chartered Marketer: Chartered Institute of Marketing (ongoing)