9 Tips for starting university


When you start university it’s a transition to a new way of living and working. If you are lucky enough to live at home, the fridge is full, laundry happens mysteriously and supper often appears on the table.

At uni, you’re learning to cook, budget, plan meals and share a kitchen too. Plus you’re expected to turn up for lectures and seminars and no letters or phone calls home if you don’t bother – it’s down to you.

9 Top tips for starting university in the UK

  1. Make a plan for the first semester – when to do some shopping, easy food to cook, when to go home, assignment deadlines
  2. Agree some goals – finish this semester, try 2 new things, get 8 hours sleep at least twice a week
  3. Join some clubs and societies – expand your horizons and discover some new hobbies, develop skills
  4. Exercise as joining uni often means gaining weight due to less activity and more junk food – join a gym or walk to uni
  5. Find the library – it’s a magical place full of free books – all those textbooks you need are waiting for you!
  6. Have some fun – make a plan as to when you’re going out to party and not working – try not to make it every day…
  7. Do the prep before classes – it makes the classes more useful – you’re being taught by experts and the more prepared you are, more questions you can ask and the more you gain – this contributes towards a higher grade
  8. The first year does count – possibly not to your final grade, but employers often ask to see the transcript from all 3 years!
  9. If you’re getting overwhelmed or stressed, ask for help – there is expert, professional support at your university